Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 21

Sorry about the lack of blog posts recently, but I have been unable to log into bloger for a while, however, tonight my son has has done some techy wizardery, and we are back in, yeh!

So, onto the important news - an update on Edith, my broody pekin bantam. I said in my last post that we had to wait 21 days to see if any of the eggs hatched, well, I shall keep you in suspense no longer, at the last count just before it went dark this evening, we have four beautiful irresistable dark grey tiny chicks

Here is a photo of number one, peeping out at this strange word. More updates tomorrow.

Happy weekend : )


  1. What a nice news! You'll be so busy these days... And happy! She's a sweet mummy.:)

  2. Hurray! Congratulations Edith.

  3. Just found you through Gretel Parker's blog
    I love your work, and chickens!