Thursday, 22 September 2011

back home

I am home again after a few days away at my friends in Herefordshire, sharing her open studio and beautiful ceramic lighting with some of my paintings.

My friend creates porcelain paperclay lighting which is so beautiful, my photographs do not do it justice

Over the week we had lots of visitors and it was great fun, meeting new people as well as old friends.

We are going to be doing it all again, over the first weekend in December, with a little Christmassy spirit thrown in too.


  1. Would love to join you both here, looks awesome!
    Your art is so much too!

  2. How lovely :) It looks just like my kind of exhibition! I wish I lived closer so that I could come and see!
    Jess xx

  3. What a nice place to expose your paintings! They go on very well together with the beautiful lamps! I wish I was there to enjoy them!:-)

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