Saturday, 30 April 2011

What a day!

Did you watch it? along with millions and millions of others, I sat there glued to my telly, and I loved every minute of it. The pomp and pageantry and the sense of watching history being made, the beautiful elegance of the bride, trying to spot famous faces in the congregation and see what they are wearing, above all the amazing joy of the occasion reflected in those taking part as well as the bystanders and well wishers, it was in deed a day to remember. So I popped out this morning and bought a newspaper with plenty of photographs to pore over it all again.

I loved the idea of having trees placed in the Abbey, apparently they are all to be planted at Prince Charles's home, Highgrove as a memento of the day. But I didn't just sit there watching, my hands were busy too, I always like to have something to do when I watch the telly, so yesterday, I crocheted my way through the royal wedding!

Lots of colourful circle squares which will hopefully become a blanket in time. The pattern that I used is from Lucy at Attic 24, if you don't know her blog I recommend a visit, lots of jolly chat, colour and crochet! She has a list of tutorials on her side bar, my squares are based on her summer garden granny square .

It seems like we have been on holiday for ages with two long bank holiday weekends one after the other and with holiday weather to match. Easter was lovely and much chocolate was consumed. I made some little special Easter cup cakes which it has to be said did not last long

The weather has been glorious, although it has now turned cooler with blustery winds to days, blowing the blossom from the trees, I love the pink frothy blossom at this time of the year and always miss it when it is gone.

In between wedding watching, gardening and cooking, I have also been painting, another little posy of spring flowers, this time in an Emma Bridgewater egg cup. I have been lucky enough to have some paintings shown in a local gallery along with some of my cards, and I was very excited to get a call saying one of the pictures and most of the cards were sold and could I bring in more supplies!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend where ever you are. x

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Spring has certainly arrived, and for the time being has kindly brought the sunshine with it. Buds are busting all over the garden, including those of the weed kind, but we shall overlook those for now. here are a few of my favorite flowers in my garden at the moment.
Don't you just love the sweet face of the viola, always turning towards the sun and looking so cheery. I love the way it self seeds and pops up in the most unexpected places.
The gold laced primula is a firm fav of mine, I have it dotted about and the edges seem to glow in the shade.
This snakes head fritillary was put in a few years ago and gets better each year. The checkered petals are such an unusal pattern for a flower.
a little corner that I am still working on, but seems to be coming along nicely, there is always something to do in a garden isn't there.
This one came out of a mixed bag of bulbs bought in a supermarket last autumn.
Today, I headed off to my first plant fair of the year. This one was held at bramall Hall near Stockport. It was such a beautiful setting. the house is very impressive, I didn't have time to go inside, will save that for another time. The plant fair was situated on a lawn to the side of the hall.
Here is a view from the front, amazing timberwork!
One of the plants I bought was this little primula, I just couldn't resist the pretty markings on the petals. It almost looks vintage! It's full name is Primula Polyanthus barnhaven Striped Victorian. Quite a mouthful for a little flower.
From my garden, I picked a few flowers to make a posy and decided to paint them, it is quite a small painting just 5" x 5".

Many thanks for all the lovely comments that were left after my last post, I really do appreciate each and every one. Hope the sun is shining where you are.