Monday, 21 March 2011

A bit of a rambling post

A few weeks ago, over at Ann Wood's lovely blog, she was celebrating her fifth anniversary of her blog and posted a tutorial on making these little papier mache cups. There is a template to download and instructions on how to make your own cups. Being someone who loves papier mache I had to have ago, and spent a few happy hours getting messy with paper and glue.

They are such fun to make, I can feel a whole tea service coming on!
Something else that has been keeping me busy is that I have been building my own little web site, very basic, nothing frilly. Somewhere to show my work in some semblance of order. The idea behind it is I really really want to get back into illustration. Many years ago I studied illustration at college and was freelance for a while working for some lovely clients, but then family and life got in the way and my path changed. Now the path has changed again due local goverment cutbacks, my job has gone. I am now looking at the possibility of returning to commercial illustration.
But I worry, have I left it too late, so much has changed. It used to be briefs arriving by post and artwork delivered by red star, now it is email and web sites. So I felt a good place to start was to build my own web site, it isn't perfect but it's mine and hopefully gives a flavour of what I can do.
I would be interested in some feedback if anyone feels so inclined.

A glimpse of a painting I am working on at the moment. It is inspired by the plates of eggs that you see at village shows that proud hen owners have brought along in hopes of winning a prize.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who has left a comment here, I really appreciate it and love reading them, what a splendid community this is.


  1. Lovely web site :-)

    Hope everything goes well

  2. Thank you Celia, my fingers are so tightly crossed it is difficult to type!!

  3. Lovely, lovely artwork and paper creations :)

    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog, your website is looking good!


  4. Good luck! It's a tough old place out there at the moment, but your work is so lovely.

  5. I think your website looks great, a simplicity that shows up the amazing work.

  6. You already know I think you are a superstar and you shouldn't have any trouble getting work. Heck, you're clever enough and talented enough to write and illustrate and whole book by yourself.

    leave it to you to make the most amazing tea cup. Yes, yes, a whole service is just what we want.

  7. Your work is wonderful Joy and your website is an excellent platform for you in starting back into illustration. I wish you the best of luck with it.

  8. Dear Joy,
    Your new website is beautiful. I think it showcases your flexibility of style and your attention to detail. You handle so many mediums with such skill. Lovely artwork! I wish you all the best on this new endeavor.
    <3 Vickie

  9. Came here following the link you've left at ann wood's to see your tea cups. I am amazed for it's gorgeous!! I also plan to make several and hope they turn out good!

  10. Dear Joy, congratulations on your website! It's a perfect way to show who you are and what your art is! I see your illustrations for the first time and I like your style very much. I wish you good luck in taking the old, forgotten, but never lost road in your life - the illustrating!:)
    I like these cups and am going to make at least one. It'll be an experience first of that kind for me.
    Best wishes!:)

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