Saturday, 28 May 2011

dear little things

My heart is lost, these chicks are the sweetest thing , we have six now. I am amazed as I had convinced myself they wouldn't hatch as the eggs were quite soiled and this can cause the eggs to fail because of bacteria getting through the shell, but no such worries here, six delightful fluffy chicks for Edith.

I haven't managed to photograph all six together yet as they are being kept snugly warm under their mum, but these two seem a bit more adventurous and have even been tasting the chick crumbs.

Have a great weekend where ever you are. x


  1. "Tell me, sweetie!"... What a lovely photo - motherhood!
    Pure little souls...

  2. Just look at Edith! She's such a contented looking hen.

    Enjoy your little chicks - they change sooooo fast!


  3. She looks so peaceful, job well done Edith! The little black one is adorable.

  4. Clever Edith! They are adorable :-)

  5. OMG aren't they the sweetest things - shame they can't stay fluffy longer.