Monday, 27 June 2011

catch up!

Goodness! a whole month has flown by since my last post, so I think a little catch up is in order.

The beginning of June saw me nipping off to Suffolk to celebrate the wedding of two lovely friends

I stayed at the same place as the bride, so I was honoured to have a sneak preview of The Dress, so beautiful and simple with a gorgeous lace jacket, fab!

We stayed at The Kings Head (also know as The Low House) in Laxfield, which is well worth a visit if you are ever in those parts. A wonderfully unspoilt old country pub with real ale and great food, it was voted 'Pub of the Year 2010' by Adnams brewery. The pub has no bar or counter, instead you are served your drinks from the tap room. This pub has a fantastic atmosphere and I hope I shall visit it again some time.
The pony, called Noah, and trap ready and waiting for the bride.

The church was decorated with hearts and wild flowers, a neighbour of the couple had a field full of dog daisies which they used throughout the wedding as decoration, posies and headdresses.

Sweet little rosebud hearts were at the end of the pews.

One of the flower girls.

And finally we sat down and raised our glasses, it was a perfect country wedding and I wish them every happiness.

On our way back we spied this amazing field full of poppies at Bewdley. It has even made the local news

At last I returned home, where my youngest son was getting ready to go to his first big music festival, Download at Donnington Park, He had a great time and unfortunately lost his I Pod Touch on the way home which was full of pictures and memories, to say his was gutted was an understatement.

On to painting, it is that time of the year when I take part in the Holmfirth Artweek, a wonderful week long exhibition which raises lots of money for Macmillan Cancer Support. It is a great social occasion with the exhibition being open until 9 pm each evening and there are lots of fringe exhibitions in and around Holmfirth too.

Here are my entries:

"Stiff Westerly"


"Dancing with Angel"All framed, labelled and ready to go!

While I was completing the paintings I received the very exciting news that The Lion House Gallery in Lavenham, Suffolk wanted to show my work. I was so thrilled, I admit to doing a happy dance round the kitchen!

Last but not least, an update on the not so little chicks. They are four weeks old now and are turning from cute fluffy chicks into scrawny adolescents on their way to being the chicken equivalent of beautiful swans!

The four dark chicks are looking like they will be two hens and two cockerels. The colour of these chicks is a bit of a surprise as I ordered gold partridge and millifleur pekin eggs, and while I have two lovely millifleur hens, these dark chicks are most definitely not gold partridge

These are the boys, the one below being much bigger than the other chicks.

Another girl.

And the two millifleur chicks which are both very pretty. Trying, but failing not to have any favourites!!

This one has even got a name - biscuit! I think we will be keeping her.

Right, time to make some tea for hungry sons, not to mention the dog and the cats and chickens..........!!!!


  1. well done you! great news about the gallery!

  2. Oh, thank you for this emotional post, rich of so many interesting themes!
    I like poppies so much! These red fields are amazing and the one you share with us is really breathtaking!
    The chicks are lovely! How quickly they've grown up! If I were at your place, I wouldn't have helped from choosing a favourite, too... From what I see on the photos this would have been the black girl! (Oh, excuse me for my grammar mistakes, please!)
    What a romantic wedding! I like that wildflowers were such an important detail!:)
    Your paintings are wonderful! So different, but all of them tender and full of love! I look at them with a smile and feel such a delight!
    I wish you a sunny, joyful week!:))))

  3. Really enjoyed your catch-up. So many lovely moments. Don't you just love how dog daisies have taken over the roadside in recent years - wish I could get them to grow in the garden! Perfect for that lovely country wedding... and what can I say about those poppies! Delightful paintings as usual - my fav definitely Stiff Westerly!

  4. What a lovely, happy post. Those chicks are so cute, I'd love to have some. Of your paintings, I particularly like 'Stiff Westerly'. Good luck with the Art Week and the Suffolk gallery.

  5. I've only read your first post and I love your blog already! Those wedding decorations are just gorgeous, makes me want to get married again! To the same person thankfully! And I would so love some chicks, working on husband for that one!
    Nice to have 'met' you today!

  6. thisis a good read, was wondering whether your black chicks were Blue Cochins? they look a bit similar to some I had a long time ago, very pretty when all grown up. I also just wanted to say how much I liked the two 'people' perhaps cloth dolls, under your archive list