Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It's been a while....

I have had my head down for a while, mainly painting, trying very hard to get somewhere in this difficult world of art. My paintings are selling in a couple of galleries now which is so lovely, hopefully I will find a few more places to sell.

I have opened a shop on Zazzle, which is an online store where various products are printed with your own designs, at the moment I have bags, mugs and fridge magnets on there, with more coming soon. here is the link to my store.

I also have a facebook page where I am showcasing my work and would love it if you pop over there and 'like' my page.

This week 10th - 18th September, my paintings are on show during Hereford Art Week at my friend's studio in Lingen, Herefordshire, here is a link to my friends website which includes the address of the studio.

Hope you are enjoying these early weeks of autumn, the leaves are just beginning to turn golden on some trees here and berries are ripening in the hedgerows.


  1. Hello, Joy! I'm impressed by what you've done during the past couple of months, good for you! I wish you a sucessful Autumn with many sales of your art pieces...:)
    Here our Summer doesn't want to leave, we have very high temperaures during the day and no clouds on the sky. Everyone's enjoying the wonderful weather - at the seaside, in the mountains, at the cafes or simply in the streets...
    I like your new paintings, especially the angel (it looks wonderful on a mug). The other ones wear the autumn atmosphere - with this soft palette of colours and the details.
    I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. You have been busy. I do love the Hare, they always seem to be magical.