Saturday, 26 February 2011

cloth doll finished....

Oooops! I pressed the wrong button, so any one quick off the mark will have seen this post with no text!!

However, here she is - finished. It has been a while since I have completed a cloth doll and I have so enjoyed making her, that I think some more may well follow.

I spent a very late night painting her, waiting for youngest son to return from a party until I remembered he said he was stopping over! Still, settled with my paint things and iplayer on my lappie catching up with The Killing was a pleasant evening indeed. Is anyone else following The killing on BBC 4. It is Scandinavian crime drama with subtitles, which can be tricky when you are painting at the same time, but I am absolutely gripped.

Back to the doll, she is a simple cloth doll painted with acrylics with a little scene on her back, she has not got a name as yet, but I am toying with 'home' as that is what seems to be in her heart.

She stands about 22cm tall, with a slight list to the right, I think that is down to my cutting and hand sewing but I hope that it adds to her charm.

She will also be looking for a new home, as I have put her in my Etsy shop, so hopefully someone will love her as much as I do.

Happy weekend! x


  1. What a nice idea - a doll, attached to her home! I like that her hair is the smoke from the chimney! She is the IDEA of a cosy home, where everybody hurries to return and feels safe and warm! Yes, leaning to her right makes her charming!:)

  2. Your doll looks lovely in front of your display of spring bulbs.

  3. Joy thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love your work and look forward to getting to know more! I have been watching the Killing and am completely absorped in it. we missed the first 4 episodes but have managed to get to grips with the plotline so far - it is gripping!

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