Wednesday, 16 February 2011

meeting Henry and other bits and bobs

Meet Henry, Henry has been made from a bear kit that I bought from The Old Pin Cushion on Etsy. You buy the pattern (Chopper Bear) and the kit separately, so if you wish you could make your bear in something other than bear fur material.

The pattern comes with very clear instructions and useful tips on how to distress your bear - in the nicest possible way!
Before I move on, I forgot to say in my last post that I had added to my felt stash recently from the wonderful Felt Fairy, great range of colours and fast delivery.

Spring feels like it is on its way today, we have a beautiful clear blue sky which is very welcome after the bitterly easterly winds that we have experienced the last couple of days. There are even a few touches of colour around the garden, although I have to admit the primroses were bought in from the local garden centre and so are a little earlier than normal.
It is always a joy to see the nodding heads of the snowdrop appearing and bulbs are pushing up all over the place. I made a big effort last autumn to plant loads, and I think it may have paid off. First crocus well on their way too, and yesterday the hens did me proud, with two eggs being laid including Edith's first egg. Looks like scrambled egg is on for lunch today! added later: The scrambled eggs were delicious and the most golden yellow I think I have ever seen!


  1. Your bear is gorgeous Joy. What a sweetie. The distressing bit sounds a bit painful though..haha. I love the Spring too. Lots of snowdrops round here and I love to buy some hyacinth blooms for my workroom and have that gorgous fragrance drifting over me.

    I will have to check out the felt lady. Your pincushions are gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi, I too have just discovered the Felt Fairy! What a selection of colours. I too have also discovered The Old Pin Cushion and am in the process of making Rosa the Pig. Your bears look fabulous. I love your pin cushions too. Great idea.